Siemens Truck Touring Exhibition goes into the Greater Bay Area to help the green, low-carbon and intelligent development of the city with digital technology

The Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group Truck Exhibition kicked off in Shenzhen today and will travel to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Fujian in the coming months.Today, at the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Taihao Station, the first tour exhibition in South China, Siemens and many local industry customers and partners gathered together to explore cooperation opportunities, to create a new ecosystem of smart infrastructure with digital innovation technology, and to promote green, low-carbon and intelligent development of cities.

The truck tour was officially launched in Shanghai on December 8, 2020.With the theme of “Creating a New Ecology of Smart Infrastructure”, Siemens has created an innovative mobile display platform based on trucks, comprehensively presenting its electrification, automation, digital products and industry solutions in the fields of intelligent power distribution, intelligent control and protection of motors and intelligent buildings.The exhibition is planned to travel to more than 70 cities in China in two years, which is another important measure for Siemens to keep close to the market and customers, jointly explore the channel market and promote value co-creation under the new normal.

“Digital and intelligent technologies will promote efficient urban management and sustainable development, endow urban management with great potential, and bring opportunities for the development of more smart city application scenarios.”Executive vice President of Siemens (China) co., LTD., Siemens greater China intelligent infrastructure group general manager Mr Rio Ming (Thomas Brenner) said, “Siemens is committed to innovative digital and intelligent technology to help customers actively respond to the challenges faced by cities and infrastructure, and energy systems through intelligently, buildings and industry, to build the sustainable development of the livable city.”

Siemens intelligent power distribution in the paint, motor protection, intelligent building, intelligent control industry solution and digital vividly shows the corresponding technical solution for the five plate products and industry solutions, power of cities at all levels electric power utilities, industry, infrastructure and building our clients achieve more efficient, reliable, flexible, energy conservation and sustainable operation.

“Southern Chinese cities, especially the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, have enjoyed strong momentum of development in recent years. They are committed to actively promoting high-level infrastructure construction and leading the development of cities toward the goal of smart city clusters and green livability.”Siemens (China) co., LTD. Intelligent infrastructure group sales of south China regional general manager zhang said: “in front of the historic opportunity, Siemens will continue to deep south market and wisdom in energy, green building, intelligent transportation and other fields, with digital, intelligent, electrification technology power for the construction of urban infrastructure green, low-carbon and intelligent development, with customers to create a new ecological infrastructure.”

Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group has worked with local partners for many years to participate in the construction of many important projects in rail transit, smart parks, electronic factories, data centers, power supply bureaus, hospitals, commercial complexes, petroleum and petrochemical industries.Siemens, for example, to shenzhen subway, tencent headquarters, shenzhen pingan financial centre, shenzhen airport, genomics headquarters, huaxing photoelectric, guangzhou city center underground comprehensive utility tunnel engineering, guangzhou baiyun airport T2 terminal, guangzhou metro, the new guangzhou knowledge city and guangzhou YunBu data center and other infrastructure projects to provide advanced products and solutions.

Post time: Mar-02-2021

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