Siemens helps Zhongshan build an industrial Internet innovation incubation center

• Signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government and Decheng to build China-Germany (Greater Bay Area) Industrial Internet Innovation Incubation Center

• The first industrial Internet innovation incubation center jointly built by Siemens in the Greater Bay Area based on MindSphere

• One of the key strategic cooperation projects between Guangdong Province and multinational enterprises during the 14th Five-Year Plan period

Siemens and zhongshan, zhongshan DE bearing of the people’s government investment co., LTD. (DE bearing) on the “economic and trade exchange 2021 zhongshan investment” signed a strategic cooperation agreement, together with the construction of Internet innovation incubation center (large bay area) industry, power digital and intelligent transformation of local industry, comprehensively promote manufacturing digital transformation and upgrading of zhongshan city.The centre is to build the first of Siemens in the bay area cooperation based on MindSphere industrial Internet innovation incubation center, is the Siemens and guangdong province after signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement, digital transformation and progress of power industry in guangdong province, was also during the period of “difference” strategic cooperation with multinational enterprises in guangdong province one of the key projects.Siemens will fully enable the future development of the Innovation Incubator with advanced digital technologies and solutions.

“Zhongshan is an important intelligent manufacturing innovation base in Guangdong Province. We work with Zhongshan Municipal Government and Decheng and other partners to jointly build an industrial Internet ecosystem, which is of great significance for local manufacturing enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, optimize the industrial structure, and actively build competitive industrial clusters.”Siemens digital industrial group (China) co., LTD., vice President and general manager of south China sales regional managers Bai Liping said, “Siemens with the global advanced technology and expertise in the field of industrial automation and digitalization, based on the Internet industry will work with partners to create meet the demand of characteristic industrial clusters of the typical application scenarios, and to train a large number of local manufacturing of high quality development of innovative and skilled talents.”

According to the agreement, with the support of Zhongshan Municipal Government, the Innovation Incubation Center will conduct in-depth research on typical industrial clusters in Zhongshan City, design overall solutions and develop targeted industrial applications based on the common pain points of industrial clusters, and further build a demonstration line of industrial Internet digitalization.At the same time, the Innovation Incubation Center will have the functions of research and development, empowerment, incubation, training and visiting to help build an industrial Internet ecosystem, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing cluster in Zhongshan City, and expand potential partners and customers for Guangdong Province and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.In addition, Siemens and DE bearing will be relying on the center in the field of digital and Internet industry training to cooperate actively, set up personnel training system, to develop various forms of training courses, the colleges and enterprises to carry out the industrial related training of the Internet and digital transformation, to develop the digital and Internet industry innovation talented person.

Based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Decheng Group actively responds to the national strategic guidance and actively integrates into the Greater Bay Area construction, adhering to the principle of “Build a career with sincerity, aim high with virtue;Maintaining the core values of inheritance, creating the future through wisdom, and making every effort to promote the layout of real industries.Decheng Group covers three major business directions including physical industry operation, financial investment and strategic investment. In the future, it will focus on industrial Internet and technology and finance.

Post time: Mar-29-2021

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