Siemens Sinamics v90 Servo Drive System

  • Siemens SINAMICS V90 servo drive system supplier

    Siemens SINAMICS V90 servo drive system supplier

    An overview of the

    Servo-drive system

    The SINAMICS V90 servo drive is combined with the SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor

    Performance optimization, easy to use servo drive system, eight drive types, seven

    Different motor shafts with high specifications, power range from 0.05kW to 7.0kW as well as single

    Phase and three-phase power supply system so that it can be widely used in all walks of life, such as: fixed

    Bit, transmission, winding and other equipment, while the servo system can be compared with the S7-1500T/

    S7-1500/S7-1200 are perfectly matched to achieve rich motion control functions.

    SINAMICS V90 servo drive

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