Siemens launched a compact visual single-piece separator to help upgrade the whole process automation in China’s logistics sorting center

• Innovative visual one-piece separator for the Chinese market

• Application of high performance fully automated single piece separation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) vision systems

• Small space requirements and easy integration into existing systems

Siemens has further expanded its product range for package sorting centers with the development of a super-compact visual single-piece separator specifically for the Chinese market. Its technical evolution is based on the proven standard visual single-piece separation technology.This impressive new compact visual one-piece splitter has small space requirements and can be flexibly integrated into new and existing system layouts.In an area of less than 7 square meters, this intelligent, fully automated solution can separate up to 7,000 small packages per hour, in addition to quickly and smoothly processing large volumes of packages of different sizes, shapes, and packaging materials, ready for subsequent steps in the sorting process.At present, Siemens single-piece separator has been widely used in the world, and its new compact single-piece separator has also been successfully applied in China.

“With innovative compact visual single-piece separators, customers can benefit from space savings as well as efficient technology,” said Ye Qing, CEO of Siemens Logistics Automation Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd.”Siemens’ expanding product portfolio and scalable solutions greatly increase the level of automation of systems, helping logistics companies increase their operational capabilities and save costs.”

Siemens’ fully automated visual one-piece separator rearranges side-by-side packages into a continuous single-piece flow with a set spacing.This will prepare the package for subsequent processing steps such as scanning, weighing and sorting.A key element of the visual single-piece separator is an AI-based complex vision system that can accurately detect the shape, size and location of each package.This information is transmitted in real time to the control system, which determines the single-piece separation parameters and adjusts the speed of the individual belts accordingly.The ultimate goal is to achieve precise control of the package in the minimum space and fully automated single piece separation.

In addition to the compact visual single-piece separator, standard visual single-piece separators are available in two configurations: package visual single-piece separators Visicon Polaris (for larger and heavier packages) and small visual single-piece separators Visicon Capella (for smaller and lighter packages).

Siemens Logistics Automation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens Logistics in China, headquartered in Beijing.With local strength, Siemens can provide customers with leading product and technology solutions, quality services and complete local project implementation.

Post time: Mar-12-2021

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